Anton Bakuteev

2015-10 – present

  • Experience (more than 6 years)

    • More than two years in big tech companies Yandex and Sber as Data Scientist.
    • 4 years in Siemens as R&D Engineer (from Junior to Lead position)
  • Skills

    • Have Data Science skills. Have big experience creating customer response models.
    • Can work with big data (like terabytes per day).
    • Have good Data Engineering skills. Can build production quality ETL processes. Have good knowledge of Apache Spark.
    • I am good at signal processing, anomaly detection, general data analytics such as clustering, dimensionality reduction etc.
    • Have a good mathematical background.
    • Experienced in python programming and its scientific stack (Keras, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, numba (GPGPU), Scipy, etc)
    • Have good experience of development of production applications and experience in ETL and data pipeline design.
    • Also I have experience of managing data analytics teams.
  • Career highlights

    • I reached the Lead Research & Development engineer position in less than 3 years starting from internship.
    • Developed framework for full ML model life cycle at Yandex Cloud and some models with proven efficiency (currently in the process of doing similar things at Sber).

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