Create and automate your Telegram channel

2022-12-25, Anton Bakuteev


We already discussed how useful it is to filter your news feed here. But what if we say that you also can create your own channel with articles you want to see and share with other users? Who knows maybe it will even become popular, right?

How to do it?
  1. First of all, you need to start using Filtered News Bot. Use the command /help and follow the instruction to configure it.

  2. You may wait a couple of days just to be sure that content satisfies you. If not you can change your sources or make keywords more specific.

  3. Once you are ready to go public, create a telegram group and add Filtered News bot to this group.

  4. Also create a channel and add Filtered News bot there as admin.

  5. Then go back to your group and select the account from which you post the message as you channel.

  6. Send the same sources and keywords messages which you used to configure bot for yourself.

  7. Enjoy the results!

Btw, you can start directly from step 3, if you learned how to use Filtered News Bot. Also you can create multiple groups only for yourself and use different keywords and sources for each group to make configuration more flexible.

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